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Creative quilting classes at RiversMeet

Here at RiversMeet we host numerous craft classes, workshops and craft events.

One of the most popular ones is our monthly quilting class let by Sarah from Edward and the White Bear. With a passion for quilting and sewing that runs in the family, Sarah enjoys working with traditional patchwork designs, updated with vibrant colours and quirky fabrics. She likes to produce quilts which are to be used, not just admired, and is interested in the social history of quilt making and loves to read the stories of women who produced beautiful but functional art.

Sarah's classes are for anyone and she describes the process below:

"People start at any point and we discuss their prior experience and what they want to achieve before agreeing what they will work on. I have a basic pattern for a baby / lap-sized quilt which I encourage beginners to start with. They can complete a small quilt in three sessions (with work done at home in between). This covers the basics of cutting, piecing, quilting and finishing a quilt - the main skills for quilting. They can then move onto bigger projects. In many of my sessions I have a 'class project' which runs over several months - this could be learning different patchwork designs, learning more about quilting techniques or binding for example - these are often skills-based sessions to develop people's understanding of different techniques and how to get the results they want. This is always optional though - some people prefer to bring their own project to work on so they can get help with the bits they need assistance with."

When we asked Sarah why she chose RiversMeet to hold her popular classes, she answered: "I had known Joanne for a number of years before she opened RiversMeet as I had attended dress-making classes with her. When she decided to open the café, I knew that it was the perfect place for my classes. Lots of lovely, crafty people go to RiversMeet and it's a fabulous centre for all sorts of creative activities - and, of course, cake!"

The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is having a laugh whilst getting crafty and sipping on tea and coffee. We spoke to two lovely ladies who have taken on this class with great enthusiasm and we asked them why quilting at RiversMeet.

Anta (on the left) says: " It's something I wanted to do for a long time so it seemed like an ideal opportunity and something to fill my time. It's also very therapeutic, it gives you something to focus on and takes your mind off things."

Beth (on the right) says: "I joined this class very much for the same reasons. I am currently making a quilt for my grandchildren and I am really enjoying it. I found out about the class when I came to the cafe with my mum. I would absolutely recommend the class to anyone, Sarah is lovely."

Everyone can join quilting as there are no requirements to how experienced one is. However, you might quilt alongside some more experienced ladies who have done it for about 2 years. Annette is part of the Quilt Club, a club with more experienced members, and says that it's something she always wanted to do. She has been part of the group for about 2 years and she is quilting for charity and helps with voluntary work for enjoyment. So far, she's made bed quilts, baby quilts and, as part of the voluntary group for the charity, she's made fiddle quilts with zips for people with dementia. Annette's work is impressive and she says she's very excited to cary on with some more.

Here are more photos from the last weekend's class:

If you'd love to join the quilting class at RiversMeet, please get in touch or visit our events page to see when the next will be. Book soon as the places fill up quickly!

About rivers MEET

We love what we are doing and we want to share that with you, our customers.

Watch this space for updates, events and lovely seasonal food specials that always please the crowd.

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